Finding fitted sheets for your baby's bed

Finding fitted sheets for your baby's bed

With so many baby beds on the market, how do you find a fitted sheet for your specific make, model, shape and size?

Here's an easy-reference list of fitted sheets by make, model, size and shape made by Wendy Anne. Find the size of your linens below.

Wendy Anne list of baby bed models, brands, sizes and shapes to make custom size fitted sheet and bedding



1. Look through the list above and write down your model name, size and shape.

2. Go to the Wendy Anne fitted sheet collection, click here Fitted sheet collection

3. Select the fabric, color or pattern.

Tip: Choose a color or pattern that fits with your baby's room décor. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Tip: Choose your fabric. Decide on the type of fabric you want for the fitted sheet. You'll want to choose a fabric that is soft and comfortable for your baby's sensitive skin. Popular options include: cotton, organic cotton, and minky dot.

Note: In the fitted sheet collection, all items have drop down options for size and shape. You can find any size or shape from the list above in the drop down menus.


4. Choose your size and shape from the drop down menu after you've selected a fabric, color or pattern.

What if my model, make, size or shape isn't on the list above?

Send us an email - We do custom orders!

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