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Let's Talk Tummy Time

As a new parent, it's only natural to be concerned about your baby's well-being and development. Among the many milestones your little one will achieve, one of the most crucial early activities is tummy time. Tummy time refers to the practice of placing your baby on their belly while they are awake and supervised. This simple yet powerful activity plays a pivotal role in laying the foundation for your baby's physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of tummy time and offer some helpful tips to make this experience enjoyable for both you and your baby.


Benefits of Tummy Time:

1. Strengthening Core Muscles:

Tummy time is an excellent way to help your baby develop essential muscle strength, particularly in their neck, back, and core. By spending time on their belly, babies learn to lift their heads, prop themselves up on their forearms, and eventually roll over. These movements are crucial for developing proper head control, which is necessary for various motor skills they will acquire as they grow.


2. Enhancing Motor Skills:

As your baby becomes more comfortable with tummy time, they will start reaching and grasping for toys and objects within their line of sight. Something like these teethers would be great to place within your baby’s reaching distance during tummy time. Small movements are building blocks for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Over time, this will help them progress to sitting up, crawling, and eventually walking.


3. Preventing Flat Head Syndrome:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, this practice has led to an increase in cases of positional plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. Regular tummy time provides an opportunity for your baby to change head positions, helping to prevent the development of flat spots on their skulls.


4. Visual Stimulation and Exploration:

During tummy time, babies have a different perspective of their surroundings. They can see and explore the world from a new angle, which enhances their visual perception and cognitive development. They may notice different colors, shapes, and textures, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging exploration. Again, these teethers in different shapes, colors, and patterns can stimulate your baby’s visual curiosity.


5. Bonding and Interaction:

Tummy time is not just beneficial for babies; it also provides an excellent opportunity for parents and caregivers to bond with their little ones. Joining your baby during tummy time and engaging in playful interactions, such as making eye contact, talking, singing, or using toys, fosters emotional connections and strengthens the parent-child relationship.


Tips for a Positive Tummy Time Experience

  1. Start Early: Begin tummy time in the first few weeks after birth, even if it's just for a few minutes a day. Gradually increase the duration as your baby becomes more comfortable. 
  1. Make It Fun: Use colorful toys, mirrors, or soft books to capture your baby's attention and encourage reaching and grasping movements. 
  1. Support and Comfort: Did you know you can make our lounger, your lounger, or your Boppy into an easy and convenient tummy time tool? Place a soft, clean blanket or a tummy time mat on the floor. Place your baby on their belly and provide support by propping their chest up with a rolled-up towel, lounger, or nursing pillow. 
  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare: Tummy time can be messy, babies like to spit up and drool. Having clean supplies you can trust at your fingertips will make all the difference. Set yourself up for a relaxing, enjoyable, and consistent tummy time experience with our removable and washable lounger duvet covers. These 100% organic cotton double gauze lounger duvet covers are custom made to fit many of the most popular lounger brands. We have Boppy covers too.
  1. Stay Engaged: Get down to your baby's level and talk, sing, or make funny faces to keep them engaged and entertained during tummy time. 
  1. Be Patient: Some babies may initially resist tummy time, but that's okay. Stay patient and try again later. Remember to always supervise your baby during tummy time. 
  1. Variety is Key: Incorporate tummy time throughout the day in short intervals. This will prevent your baby from getting too tired or frustrated.


In conclusion, tummy time is a vital aspect of your baby's early development. It not only aids in building strength and motor skills but also fosters bonding and curiosity. By integrating tummy time into your daily routine and making it an enjoyable experience, you're setting the stage for a strong and healthy developmental journey for your little one. Embrace the journey, enjoy the precious moments, and watch your baby grow and flourish through this simple, yet powerful activity.

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