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Wendy Anne

Palm Leaf Moses Basket

Palm Leaf Moses Basket

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The original portable bed, a Moses basket
• Cozy, safe and practical
• Recommended for up to the first six months to keep newborn close by your side
• A comfortable resting space designed for your little one to sleep peacefully bed-side or in a nursery.
• Basket can be move easily from room to room for daytime napping and lounging too

This Moses basket is intended to be used with a foam covered mattress or organic futon plus fitted sheets for baby’s comfort. A basket liner cover for basket is also suggested.

These palm leaf Moses baskets are handwoven in Morocco. Made from all-natural palm leaf and stems, no chemicals, sprays or dyes are used in or on this basket.

Palm leaf Moses basket varies and these are approximate measurements:
• Top edge of basket is approximately 87” around
• Inside bottom of basket is approximately 26-30 inches long by 10-13 inches wide
• Inside depth from top rim to bottom is approximately 9-10 inches tall

Choose 28x12 foam mattress or futon if you order separately – we will make sure it fits basket

Moses Basket Usage Guidelines:
Suggested maximum weight is approximately 17 pounds or until baby can sit up and/or roll over on their own.
Never carry your baby in the Moses basket, even with handles. First move basket, then put the baby in the basket.
Do not leave your baby unattended in Moses basket.
Use Moses basket only on a firm, horizontal, level and dry surface.
Normal, healthy infants should always sleep on their backs in the Moses basket.
Baby coverings should reach only as far as baby’s chest and be tucked around the mattress.
This is a product is all natural and may be affected by extremely dry or damp atmospheres, store away from direct heat or moisture when possible.
It is recommended to use a new mattress or futon for every new baby.

Cleaning Moses basket:
Use sponge or cloth to wipe clean with warm soapy water if needed. Allow to dry thoroughly and naturally away from direct heat before using.

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